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Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Cobb, Douglas, Paulding and Fulton Counties

Attorney Larry J. White

Attorney Larry J. White offers debt relief services, including personal and business bankruptcy filing, and criminal defense representation for felony and misdemeanor charges, including DUI defense, in any Georgia court. Our law firm will work closely with you to as we handle your legal needs. You can count on us to provide courteous, personal service from your initial consulting to the day when your case is closed.

The first step for you is to call attorney Larry J. White to set an appointment for a Free Bankruptcy Consultation or Free Criminal Defense Consultation. After your consultation you will receive our recommendation on the best course of action for your situation, and have a general understanding of what to expect from your situation.

For Our Bankruptcy Clients

When your case is filed you will immediately be granted protections
under Federal bankruptcy laws that:

Bankruptcy Protection
  • STOP Home Foreclosure
  • STOP Auto Repossessions
  • STOP Creditor Harassment
  • STOP Creditor Lawsuits
  • STOP Wage Garnishment
  • STOP Accruing Interest & Finance Charges
  • STOP IRS Actions (for some kinds of taxes)

You deserve a fresh start. Don't feel guilty - bankruptcy is a legitimate legal option for an honest solution to credit and debt problems. Take a minute to learn more about our bankruptcy attorney services.

For Our Criminal Defense Clients

Our first objective is to understand all of the facts about your case in order to develop a proper criminal defense strategy. We invite you to learn more about our criminal defense lawyer and criminal defense services.

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Bankruptcy Offers Immediate Relief From Collections

Bad things can happen to good people. Bankruptcy is a legitimate, legal course of action that was created to help people just like you to get a fresh start. If you are stressed out from creditor phone calls and collection letters then bankruptcy is a perfect choice for you. Filing bankruptcy offers immediate relief from most collections actions and can stop home foreclosure.

Maybe you can hang on for another few months, or a year, but in the end you will have wasted thousands of dollars paying bills when you could have saved the money if your debt was cleared today. Stop suffering and losing money. Call a bankruptcy attorney now!

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Criminal Defense Services Can Keep You Out of Jail

An arrest is not a conviction, and you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Our criminal defense services will challenge the charges and evidence presented by the prosecuting attorney. We have professional relationships with local prosecutors, and the criminal defense experience, to affect the best possible outcome.

As your criminal defense attorney we will prepare and present an aggressive defense for pre-trial arguments, negotiated pleas or jury trial representation. Our clients have hired us largely on our track record of good results and reasonable fees for criminal defense services.